Shipping & Returns


We’ve tried to make our shipping costs as fair as possible. We’ve broken down all of our different shipping costs below.

Product Weights

Our website will automatically calculate your shipping costs for you. Below is a table of all product weights. We also list the weight of each product in the Additional Information tab of each individual product.

Product TypeWeight (g)
Long Sleeve T-Shirt100

United Kingdom

Weight (kg)Cost (GBP)Fulfilled byDelivery Time
0 – 0.0991.00Royal Mail5 – 7 days
0.11.50Royal Mail5 – 7 days
0.101 – 0.6993.50Royal Mail5 – 7 days
0.7+8.50DPD4 – 6 days

Europe (0.699kg and below)

The prices below are for all orders shipping to Europe that are 0.699kg and below.

Weight (kg)Cost (GBP)Fulfilled byDelivery Time
0 – 0.14.00Royal Mail8 – 10 days
0.101 – 0.6999.50Royal Mail8 – 10 days

Europe (0.7kg and above)

The costs below are for all orders shipping to Europe that are 0.7kg and above.

Country ListZoneCostFulfilled byDelivery Time
Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg19.50DPD7 – 9 days
Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, France, Slovakia210.90DPD5 – 10 days
Lithuania, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Ireland313.50DPD5 – 11 days
Estonia, Croatia, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Greece418.50DPD7 – 14 days
Rest of Europe522.90DPD7 – 9 days

United States

Weight (kg)Cost (GBP)Fulfilled byDelivery Time
0 – 0.15.00USPS8 – 10 days
0.101 – 0.39910.00USPS8 – 10 days
0.4 – 0.69915.00USPS8 – 10 days
0.7+36.00DPD8 – 12 days

Rest of World

If your country or region hasn’t been listed in any of the tables above, the following shipping costs will apply.

Weight (kg)Cost (GBP)Fulfilled byDelivery Time
0 – 0.15.50Royal Mail10 – 15 days
0.101 – 0.39910.00Royal Mail10 – 15 days
0.4 – 0.69915.00Royal Mail10 – 15 days
0.7+36.00DPD8 – 12 days

This page is updated manually. Whilst we make every endeavour to keep these prices up to date, from time to time we may just miss the mark. If you’re quoted shipping cost doesn’t correspond with any of the above, please contact us and we’ll get back to you asap (usually within 24 hours).

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return or exchange my item?

We’re still bootstrapping which means that each product is printed to order. We therefore don’t accept returns. If there is a genuine fault with the item we’ll arrange for a replacement. Unfortunately, unless the item is faulty we don’t accept exchanges.

For all exchanges, please head over to our contact page and send us a Product Exchange enquiry.

What do I do if the product is faulty?

We try our best to ensure that all products meet our uncompromising standards. Whilst it’s rare that we’d ship a faulty item, unfortunately it can occasionally happen. If it’s happened to you, please head over to our contact page and send us a Product Exchange enquiry.